Nail Polish: Red Orange = Summers perfect color

I was checking out my nail polish collection this morning and noticed an over-abundance of Red Orange polish.  Colors from all over the spectrum but all with their own fabulous hue.  Now, of course, this isn't a complete shock to me but it was crazy to see how many I had accumulated...especially considering I had just bought another (my newest obsession, #4 below) last week! 

Red Orange is a polish I gravitate towards each summer, regardless of the year's hot color or new trend.  I think it's stunning, looks fantastic on suntanned skin and the perfect mix of fun and classy.  


I take my nail polish colors pretty seriously and tend to try a TON before I commit to buying.  So if I own it, it's a color I've fallen in love with for a time in life...and something I'd perhaps like to revisit.  Here are my top 5 fave Red Orange nail polish picks:

1. O.P.I - Paint my Moji-toes Red

2. Butter London - Macbeth

3. O.P.I - Mod-ern Girl

4. Essie - E-nuff is E-nuff

5. Covergirl - Sangria