How to Correct Your Lazy Chaturanga

I've been taking yoga for years and only recently found out my chaturanga dandasana was all wrong (embarrassing).  In fact, the teacher couldn't believe how many of us in the purportedly advanced class were butchering this much so she stopped the class and took us all back to basics to correct the error of our ways.  

This sparked a massive internet search once I got home trying to figure out how common screwing up this yoga staple was, double checking the teacher's instructions and why no yoga teacher in the past had brought it up(!).  I mean, doing chaturanga wrong cheats yourself from flowing with absolute intention and building strength, not to mention, it can really mess up your wrists and elbows.  

My problem was that I had been crash diving from Plank into Up Dog instead of consciously lowering out of Plank and into Low Push-Up before taking Up Dog.  This is VERY common whether you prefer Up Dog or Cobra during your flow and naturally I now notice so many people flowing incorrectly during the different yoga classes I attend.  So after viewing many videos and articles on the subject, I thought this one by explained it best and wanted to share with all of you current and future yogis ♥