What do you think about Stiletto Nails?

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Like most girls, I love my bi-weekly manicures and since I'm SUPER anal about polish chipping (I will literally remove an entire manicure because of one chip), I've been addicted to gel for some time now.  But lately, I find myself more and more drawn to the idea of stiletto nails and the glammed up look they give your hands.  When stilettos first came out I was definitely anti-nail daggers...I just couldn't wrap my head around the intense shape and how they could possibly function in every day life.  I've never been a long nail type of girl, however, when I saw a few pics of a shorter, chubbier but still spiky version of the stiletto...I began to reconsider.  

The thing is I'm torn...on some people I love them and on others they scare me (sorry Rihanna...this means you).    

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So what do you guys think about these nails?  Should I stick with the original short, square and simple or vamp it up and try the stilettos? Its almost manicure time and I am torn on what to do!