Black & Grey: Dressing Up the Basics for Fall

Black & Grey

Did you know I once thought of naming my blog "girllovesgrey"...that's how much I love the color grey. The obvious debbie downer misinterpretations and a very stern "what are you thinking" from the bf quickly convinced me to stick with the original moniker, and I'm quite happy I did! Grey for me is the ultimate basic. It goes with every color, looks fantastic on all skin tones and doesn't attract dirt as much as its neutral counterpart white.  

I've always preferred a more classic palette that allows for fun with shoes and accessories as represented in the collection above (you should see my ever-growing closet...without basics, most of the things I've amassed would never see the light of day!).  An easy day to night transition, this fun and flirty outfit is pretty much becoming my pre-fall uniform.  A classic grey sweater with a simplified neckline grants you the ability to pair it with a loud statement necklace and stacks of bracelets (like the Tiffany & Co. Atlas which I'm obsessed with!) and I can't get enough of all things leather when the weather starts to turn crisp and cool; the leather skirts playful flared silhouette adds a cheeky touch and proves a nice contrast to the more vampy Zara heels. 

Look Inspiration: 

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