My Summer vacation...from my mouth's perspective: Chinatown (NYC)

Here's a tip for everyone...don't EVER drive to Chinatown! 

You will wind up hungry, irritated, and hoarse from cursing fire hydrants/space cadet pedestrians/"sike" shoppers who make you think they're leaving but just (slowly) load groceries into their trunks and continue on their merry way/drivers who just can't seem to figure out how to parallel park their small car in a space that's big enough for two...and yourself (for deciding to drive in the first place).

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After driving around in circles, trying to find parking for over an hour David, Bryce, Jen and I finally made it to the restaurant (yay!)...but had 30 mins to kill before our table was ready. 

Bryce knew of a place called Xi'an just around the corner where we could nab a pre-lunch "snack"...Spicy Cumin Lamb Burgers (food lovers should have chef friends...they come pre-programmed w/ a rolodex of good eats!)

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Not in the mood for Stewed Lamb Ribs and Spine...perhaps you would enjoy the Lamb Face Noodles (wtf! no seriously, that was the days special menu item!)

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Hand Pulled Noodles

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This is definitely a "must try" for anyone headed in the general vicinity of Chinatown...I'm not even a lamb lover and Xi'an made a believer out of me!  In seasoning alone this Lamb Burger was bursting with savory flavors.  The crispy bun was stuffed to the brim with moist strips of lamb sauteed with jalapenos, onions, and scallions...after the days unintentional hunger strike, my mouth was no longer mad at me.

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Spicy Cumin Lamb Burger...and only $3!

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Roasted Duck

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Following that not so little "appetizer", our time had come to dine at the days primary destination: Golden Unicorn. Much praised for their Dim Sum by the two chefs I was rolling with that day…and who am I to question a chef? (well really I might consider it, but I think these two might know their stuff...)

The acclaimed Cantonese-style restaurant was named one of NYC’s Five Best Restaurants in 1996 by Food & Wine magazine. Making it the only Chinese restaurant to hold this distinction to date.

golden dragon new york restaurant 

There was so much to take in...can you believe this restaurant takes up 4 floors!

golden dragon china town new york interior

Think fast, Dim Sum carts whirl past you before you even know what you want to order.  Jen and I let the guys take the reins...we ended up with some very interesting choices.

black sesame with peanut, golden dragon new york, chinese dim sum new york

Black Sesame w/ Peanut These were so cute!  Crispy fried outside and the center tasted like peanut butter!

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steamed green leek dumpling, golden dragon new york dim sum

Steamed Green Leek Dumpling

dim sum spare ribs golden dragon new york

Steamed Spare Ribs (The texture was no bueno for me...but the boys ate them up!)

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Deep Fried Sesame Ball

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Oooooo doesn't that look tasty...maybe its sweet and sour chicken? or spicy wings? or......?

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NO!  It's Steamed Chicken Feet ahhhhhhhh!!!! I tried to convince myself that I could do it...that I should at least try one bite, but no....definitely not. 

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Steamed Roasted Pork Bun (Sweet bbq-like pork inside of a warm, dense bun)

crispy roasted duck bun, dim sum duck new york

Crispy Roasted Duck Bun

Today's lesson: Find a chef, befriend the'll never go hungry again! ;)

Xi'an Famous Foods

88 E Broadway #106 New York, NY 10002 (

click here for 3 other locations


Golden Unicorn

18 E Broadway New York, NY 10002