The Grilled Cheese Truck (Los Angeles): Finally getting in on the hype!

Oh The Grilled Cheese Truck...I cannot believe it has taken this long for our paths to cross!...but was the 1 hour+ line worth the wait?  You better believe it!!!

I had narrowly missed my chance to dine at this much hyped truck several times (at one point I was even in line but they had to cut it short before my turn close!).  So of course, since I finally made it AND waited in line a full hour...I ordered every single thing that I thought would fit in my tummy in one sitting :)

Can you believe that once we finally sat down to eat, people at my office were hovering around us just to get a glimpse (and hope for a taste) of what the infamous Grilled Cheese Truck had to offer!...usually, I give in but NO WAY was I letting any of them try my food after waited in the freezing cold (by freezing I mean 60 degrees with wind which in LA terms = cold as hell!) for an hour! Sorry people!

Number one on my list, without a question, was the Cheesy Mac and Rib sandwich...otherwise known as the hands down best grilled cheese I have eaten to date!  Can you imagine (!!) it has Sharp Cheddar, Macaroni & Cheese, BBQ Pork, and Caramelized Onions all squished between two extra toasty slices of bread...mind-blowingly good!  Every...last...bite was incredible!  It was kind of a no brainer because all of those ingredients just sound like they would be awesome BBQ'd grilled cheese!!  I feel like this sandwich maximizes the grilled cheese experience!  I literally scoured the wrapper for any leftover bites and was SO sad when it was gone. (boohoo!)

Of course you can never have too much Macaroni & Cheese right?! I went back and forth on whether or not to go for it but then decided that I absolutely HAD to...for research purposes ;)  Theirs was super creamy with little mystery spice flecks that gave it a unique but subtle flavor...not too cheesy, cooked palate was pleased.

I was also lucky enough to score some Tater Tots (which word in the line was that if you ordered them, expect to tack on an extra 15 minutes to your wait...but the wait must have ended with me, yippee!)  Ok let's be honest...they were you're average taters BUT I got this awesome BBQ Aioli dipping sauce that made them B O M B!!

I love multiple tastes when I eat and watching me eat this meal in particular was probably comedic (we'll have to ask my friend Christina).  I was like Pac-Man...a bite of grilled cheese, then a scoop of Mac, then pop a tater tot...and repeat...but next time in a different order!  There is seriously no method to my madness...I just try give my mouth what it wants!

Christina says the plain ole' originaaaal grilled cheese is also pretty darn def passes the cheesy test (check out the pic!)

After downing all of that...I couldn't eat anything else for the rest of the day but my adventure in Grilled Cheese Truckland was beyond worth it and one that I'm sure I'll be making again very soon considering I dream about it frequently!...but next time I'm getting a Tomato Soup Shot woohooo!!

The Grilled Cheese Truck

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