My fabulous day at the LA Flea Market!...which lead to my new addiction to FOOD TRUCKS!!



This whole food truck craze is blowing up in LA and I was dying to figure out what the big deal was! Well I'm proud to say that I was finally initiated into the food truck club today when I hit the Grand Opening of the LA Flea Market at Dodger Stadium which featured over 19 of the best trucks around!! I didn't know where to begin! was 9am and Ashley, Jason, and I are standing in the center of food truck heaven ready to chow down!


We decided it was a bit too early to start in on the tacos, ice cream, and burgers so we grabbed a Lemon and a Watermelon Italian Ice from the Del's Frozen Lemonade truck (since we were about to melt into the cement!) and did a little shopping!

A few rings, a clutch, a scarf, and an owl necklace later (thanks to Jason, Ashley and I are hagglers in training...we'll never pay full price again!!) we were hungry and ready to begin the real fun!! The plan was to divide and conquer: I hit Komodo for some killer Asian Fusion food. 


I chose the Asian Marinated Chicken Tacos w/ Stir-Fried Rice and Mandarin Oranges and got a side of Meatballs w/ Romesco (A Spanish Red Bell Pepper Sauce) I cannot explain how good this was!!! I am so glad someone thought of putting Asian food in a taco! The chicken marinade was teriyaki-esque and matched amazingly well w/ the mandarin oranges (and it made the taco look so pretty!)...and the meatballs (!) so tasty, so unique...if a meatball is Italian and Romesco is Spanish...those countries have some serious competition here at Komodo! I mean, you know how it tastes when you dip an egg roll into sweet & sour sauce?...that's what the flavor of the meatball reminds me of...and the Romesco sauce adds a little kick!


Ashley went for a Strawberries & Cream Crepe w/ Chocolate sauce and some Garlic Fries at the Crepe'n Around truck. (Odd mix, I know, but we went all out today!) 1st of all the Garlic Fries were BOMB!! Cut medium, they def didn't skimp on the minced garlic! (WOW! Trident anyone!) The Crepe tasted like dessert wrapped up in a thin breakfast gourmet breakfast on the go in its cute little gingham printed wrapper! They also have savory crepe options like Maple Braised Pork w/ Apple Chutney & Toasted Walnuts and Ham & Brie w/ Caramelized Onions and Whole Grain Mustard...that's reason enough to get me to track them down again!


Jason decided to head over to the Great Balls on Tires truck (probably the truck that most screams: I AM MAN...considering plastered on the side of the truck are their slogans "Meat Our Balls" and "Purveyor of Fine Balls"). Minds out of the gutter...they specialize in meatballs...yummy gourmet meatballs!! J got the "Incrediball" Kobe Beef Meatball with Applewood Smoked Bacon, Gruyere, Arugula, and Garlic Aioli on a mini toasted brioche bun! We all know I'm a huge fan of Gruyere and Arugula on burgers (See Father's Office Post)...the Kobe Meatball was super tender and with all the fixings it created a really hearty combination of flavors! The perfect sized burger when food trucks you can continue eating everything else in sight!!!


He also got some fries from the Fresh Fries truck which were your average, natural cut french fries...but what made them amazing was the Garlic Mayo dipping sauce (we were on garlic overload today!) Actually, they have some really cool dipping sauces in general like Curry Ketchup, Artichoke Basil Mayo, and even Vanilla Ice Cream or Nutella (for Sweet Potato Fries of course!)


AND THEN...It was finally time for the moment we had been waiting for all day!!! ICE CREAM SANDWICH TIME from Cool Haus! Not just any Ice Cream Sandwich though...they have really uncommon flavors and YOU CAN EAT THE WRAPPER!! Middle of the day...the sun ablaze...looooong line (darn!!)...and (oh no!) they had just removed one sold out flavor from the magnetic truck!...we started getting nervous but not to worry, our flavor choices were still on the board and nothing would stop us now!


Then finally, our time had come (!!)

I went for the Brown Butter w/ Candied Bacon Ice Cream and a Chocolate Chip Cookie...absolutely INSANE!! I figured something so odd HAD to be remarkably good...OMG it was!! It's the whole salty/sweet thing...buttery ice cream (think Butter Pecan-ish) and succulent little bacon pieces! Ashley got the Dirty Mint Chip w/ a Chocolate refreshing!! This was the 1st Mint Ice Cream I had tasted that actually had real Mint pieces in it. The


Mint flavor was a lot more pronounced than say...something you would get at Baskin Robbins. Jason chose the Cinnamon Ice Cream w/ a Chocolate Chip Cookie...I passed on tasting that one (my bad!) but his cookie was there and gone fast so I know it was a winner! (They also offer a brioche bun as an alternative to a cookie...I asked an adventuresome girl if I could photograph one for you guys to see...looks yummy! I may have to take a walk on the wild side next time and try it!)

After eating Ice Cream Sandwich perfection...I don't know if I can ever go back to the mundane offerings of less colorful confection curators!

I now completely understand why people obsess over, track and crave these gourmet food trucks. There is something to knowing what you are good at, honing in on it and being the best at what you do...many of these food trucks serve far better food than I've had at most restaurants! I'll definitely be back for more!


Your friendly neighborhood food truck stalker ;)


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