I am completely, beyond, in LOVE with food!  Not just any food though...ToDieFor, taste bud-shattering, "I want to scream it from the roof-tops and tell the world how incredible this tastes" type food!

Girl Loves Food is inspired by my adoration and appreciation for exceptional food.  The culmination of many enthusiastic discussions sharing where to get a killer milkshake or how chasing down this particular food truck is especially worth it because xyz...I was encouraged to create an outlet for my edible discoveries.

I am girllovesfood...unpretentious, raw, bursting with personality.  I'm not about which celebrity eats at a particular restaurant or what organic farm the mint in my mojito came from...if it tastes incredible and causes frequent day-dreams, that's what I'm writing about.  I just love amazing food!

Enjoy and live passionately!

Christian | CG

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